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Consultation, 100% Human Hair, Application, Style Cut & The W Hair Bar Signature Blow Dry

W Hair Bar Kotara Hair Extension

W Hair Bar is specialised in Hair Extensions. Hair Extensions are perfect if  you want to just change your look, thicken your hair or help disguise your “grow out” stage. Hair Extensions could be the answer to get quick results. With Hair extensions you will see your head of hair transform into long, luscious and thick locks that look and feel just like your natural hair and make you feel like a movie star.


You will be consulted and educated with a trained applicator who is there to introduce you to all hair extension methods, educate you on their differences and advise you on which methods will be best suited based on your needs. The hair extension applicator will then apply evenly around your hair to create the look you desire.


Hair extensions are attached to the hair to create fullness. Each strand has about 20 hairs in it and are applied underneath the client’s own hair. This means that they are extremely comfortable to wear and, most importantly, completely invisible to detect. Once the extensions have been attached you can treat them as normal. They can be combed, blow-dried, you can go swimming, and you can even have them coloured and cut if desired.


One of the most important steps in the hair extension application process, is the style cut so that you feel confident and beautiful with your luscious long hair without anyone being able to tell you have them in your hair!


Custom colour matching and special blending are offered for natural-looking results. Every hair texture is available in curly, wavy, or straight varieties (as you would expect with real human hair). W Hair Bar can match any colour that you want, including highlights and blends. We have all grades of 100% human hair, from medium grades to the finest.